Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentine's Day - 2015

I was just wondering what we have done in the past for Valentine's Day and when I did a search on this blog here, I was happy to realize that a couple of years back, I did a little recap. So, even though I don't have all of our Valentine's days recapped, it was nice to find that quite a few have made their way on here!

This year, our plan was to drive to our friend's place in Blacksburg and spend some q-time with their family, playing games, cooking, baking, eating and meeting some of their friends. We were really looking forward to it!

About four hours into our drive (which should have been four hours total), we hit really bad weather. We experienced a complete white out and my mind flashed back to the day before Valentine's Day 2007. I was driving home from law school when I was in a terrible car accident. With Nouri in the car with us, there was no way we could risk continuing to drive. So we inched along the freeway until we came to an exit and Feraz carefully made his way off. We pulled over and searched for a place to stay. We found we were in Lexington Virginia and a sweet bed and breakfast, Abigail Inn, was just a few miles down the road.

When we pulled up, we knew we had made the right decision. The house looked beautiful covered in snow and inside and we were warmly welcomed and showed to our room.  Our hosts recommended dinner at Southern Inn. It was sweet to see all the other couples out celebrating their love. I know Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday, like most holidays we celebrate in the States, but I for one don't need too much of an excuse to celebrate, and love is something that I am always onboard to get down for.

So, with our sweet little angel in her car seat, we enjoyed a romantic dinner for 3. After we had finished up, our waitress brought us two chocolate covered strawberries, a perfect ending to our night. We drove through the quiet town back to the Inn where we tucked in for the night. Safely out of the snow and cold, we went to sleep with our sweet little family.

The next morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast with the innkeepers, their daughter and her family and one other couple who was staying for the weekend. We talked about being parents, culture and our lives. The best part of exploring the world is having the chance to meet so many wonderful people.

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