Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Young and Innocent Days

Today at work, after completing a test at the end of a training, I was given a list and it said: "As a reward for your hard work, click on your ideal travel location below." After I picked Nadi, Fiji (pictured to the right), a message popped up and said, “In your dreams! You’re needed back at work!” So cheeky! 


  1. Sumeera! I love your blog! These posts are beautiful. Please keep em coming :)

  2. Sumeera, I am addicted to this blog! Come back to Ann Arbor so we can party like it's 2008 (In DC (in the national zoo))!!


  3. Post some pics taken by you, please?? just the streets and your apartment and all... would love to see =)

  4. Rabia- Pictures are up!

    Shabina- Your blog equals my favorite blog ever so if I even give you 5% of the entertainment you gave me I will consider it a success!

    Oliver- Done and Done!!


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