Friday, July 24, 2009

It's cool to love your family

I just found these pictures on my computer. They are making me miss my family so much!

My mom reallly wanted to take this random picture on the side of the road so we pulled over.  I remember it was a beautiful day and my brother and I had just put candies in our mouth and our mom was telling us to try to hide it. Obviously I did a better job. :)

Attiya and I praying. I can't remember if I remember this one being taken or made up a memory. Haha. Attiya was only just learning. :) I like that I am wearing a bandana for my hijab. 

Our neighbor took this picture of us. It was a polaroid and I thought that was the most amazing thing ever. We used to play so much on this little patch of sidewalk. It is funny that I am holding Attiya b/c she kind of looks bigger than me. My brother has always looked like a little man.

Budget Costumes. Attiya got so scared right when she went out that she started crying and we had to bring her right back in. We didn't have such silly things in the village! ( I really loved that jacket. I wore it for about the next four years.)

I think this was an Eid morning one year after we had moved to the US. We always used to wake up early and eat kheer which is like rice pudding. I remember those plates so well. 

You know that it's cool it's cool to love your family
It's cool it's cool to love your family
It's cool it's cool to love your family
I know because I love them more and more 


  1. so cute!! i loved seeing all these old pictures =)

  2. I really wish I had more pictures of my childhood! They all start from when I was around five/six and we came to the US. But everyone says that Attiya and I were identicalll babies so I just look at how cute she was and pretend I was too. :)

  3. Oh yeah, and if we only had an amazing photographer like you around when we were little! Your nieces are sooo cute. I love seeing your pictures of them!! (Are you all going to Fauzia's wedding? BIG reunion???)

  4. yea i will be there inshallah! so ill see you then? i didn't even think about that i keep thinking you're in turkey


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