Wednesday, July 15, 2009

it's darker than you know in those complicated shadows

When I was in Birmingham I borrowed Chocolat and Blackberry Wine from Feraz's cousin. In both of these books the author stresses that there is everyday magic. That life is not random and that each little thing we witness is leading to something better. In both her books and in many others I've read, there is talk about the winds changing. Although I have never fully understood this concept, today I felt it. 
It was one of those days that the magic grabbed me and forced me to see it.
While I was at the library waiting for Feraz to come pick me up so I could go home and pray, he sent me a text that said, "I will bring you a scarf and a kite." What great gifts these turned out to be!

I prayed under a tree, next to a pond and this simple act was so reviving. To fee the grass and dirt as you prostrate to God. It feels as though the world is giving you a hug.
The sky was full of pinks and purples and blues as the day descended and against this sky we flew the Besiktas kite that Feraz bought for three lira from a street vendor. There was something very inspiring about seeing our kite from Istanbul against the beautiful Michigan sky. There is something magical about running with a kite, letting it catch more and more air until you are sure that it must be dancing and you have to be careful to hold on to the string because you are so lost in it's dance. (If this sounds too hippie-ish, go fly a kite and you will know exactly what I mean!) 

Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better Feraz turned to be with a devilish look and said, "Let's get pizza!" On the plane ride home we fantasized about the different foods we had missed and that we would eat when we got home. Pizza was high on that list! I couldn't believe we had waited this long for it.
We sat in bed and ate mushroom pizza for the first time in so many months. My God. What a beautiful, beautiful thing. We both commented that there is no pizza in the world like Michigan pizza. We are simple folk. We love our Little Ceasars. And it loves us.
Then, we put on Knowing with Nicholas Cage. In Ann Arbor my friends and I used to rush to see the newest Nicholas Cage movie. When we heard he was making a new one, we would follow tabs online and countdown the days until it was coming out. There is something incredibly inspiring about the fact that Nicholas Cage makes movies. I mean, have you seen any of his movies? Have you seen how he acts in them? There must be a God if a man like Nicholas Cage has a job! 

I went to bed so thankful for how full and wonderful God has made life. No matter what good I do in this world, it will never be thanks enough.

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  1. its nice to hear someone enjoying the littlest things in life ....



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