Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey, is anybody home

We're back in Michigan and it feels good! We finally got a good nights rest after quite an ordeal on Sunday!

Sunday morning we all packed up our hotel rooms and headed over to the in-laws for brunch. It was one last hoorah before they would take us back to the airport. On this Sunday afternoon, everyone was wearing more casual clothes, had little make up on and generally looked fresh and happy. The bride's side had gone back to the house after the wedding and stayed up until 5:30 am swimming and playing games! Those crazy cats! I kind of wish we had been there! 

We had lots of great food plus cake and ladoos for dessert and at around one we headed for the airport. Little did we know of what was yet to come. 

We arrived to the airport at a decent time. Lubna's family took care of returning the rental cars and everything so we wouldn't feel rushed at the airport. We got through security with only my mom getting the super security check and made our way over to the gate. The best part about the airport was that we kept running into Fahad's friends and other family members who were also heading out of town. 

So, we found a base and the six of us settled down to wait for boarding. Soon, we were joined by an uncle and two of our friends from Michigan and now we were nine. We had a good support group when we heard that our flight would be delayed for an hour. 5 o'clock departure. Not bad. It gave me some time to get a desperately needed coffee. Then it was 6:30. Then it was we actually have no idea when your flight will be leaving because we are unable to fix this leak but no matter what you will get on at 11 because we have another plane coming then that we will send you back on.

We grew more and more tired and hungry. We contemplated whether we should just take a hotel and go in the morning instead of spending another four hours in the airport. As we waited in the line to talk to the attendant to discuss this option they announced that Plan B had been aborted and we would all have to leave the next day.

This made me soooo sad because had we known we would bet there this extra day we could have seen the desi mall of america, gone to see the set of dallas or hung out with cowboys. Instead we were stuck in the airport. 

It took another two hours to get our hotel sorted out (and we were the first in line) and about another hour to get to the hotel because of shuttle problems. Surprisingly we were all relatively calm through this and that made me happy. 

When we finally settled in our rooms we decided that we would pool all our vouchers together and order a crap load of dominoes. So, we ordered close to a hundred dollars of food! It was soooo good! By the time we got the food we were starving. I think I ate half an order of cheesy bread while Feraz was still sorting out the payment. We turned on some movies and called everyone to our room and had a great night. We stayed up late talking and eating and laughing. Despite the fact that we were all stone dead tired I appreciated being there and having that evening. 

The next morning we were up at 5 am to finally head back to MI! Now we are home and getting the house ready for all our guests that are coming tomorrow. We have been spending our days at the shops, cleaning and visiting friends. Not bad, not bad at all.

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