Sunday, August 2, 2009

pyaara bhaia meera dhula ban ka ayah


Last night Feraz and I both got so sick we thought we would have to miss it! Around two a.m. some sort of food poisoning set in and I thought there was no way we would be better by the morning. It was soo miserable! We were already getting worn down from all the festivities but we thought this might be the final straw! Luckily, around six a.m. we both started feeling better and we woke up a few hours later to head to Lubna's house for the 10 am nikkah ceremony. 

There was such an excitement in the air! We stood outside the house as we all got ourselves organized to do the walk in. There was a slight drizzle after the morning down pour. Rain is a sign of blessings and mercy in Islam so it was actually quite nice. 

The nikkah was performed by a really close family friend and teacher of Lubnas. It was nice to see the close relationship and to hear the imam speak so fondly of the family. The nikkah was actually quite emotional and it was very sweet to see Lubna's face light up when Fahad came into the room. We spent some time after the ceremony talking with everyone and eating mooore delicious food. Lubna and Fahad went outside to take cheesy pictures in their beautiful garden and we made fun of them from a safe distance. 

We stayed for a while at Lubna's place but then we headed out so we could get ready for the Main event that night. We had some great chill time at the hotel where Fahad looked as happy as a peach. When it came time for Fahad to head over to the hall, the whole family helped him get ready as is tradition in Bihari culture. 

The wedding was at a country club and Feraz assembled about 10-15 cars to make a caravan for the half hour drive. The caravan broke after about one mile when different cars started taking random other cars. Luckily everyone had directions or GPS and eventually we all made it over. 

Lubna's family greeted us and we took our seats as we waited for the bride to make her grand entrance. Fahad walked half way up the aisle to wait for her and take her up to the stage. Lubna walked in accompanied by her sister-in-law and cousins and looked absolutely stunning. She wore a red and green lengha and there was nothing Fahad could do hide the sheer joy and excitement on his face. It was soo cute to see how happy they make each other. 

I would have to say the best part of the night was when the bride's side stole Fahad's shoes. During the wedding, at some point the bride's side of the family steals the groom's shoes. Then they refuse to give them back until he pays a ransom price for which there are long and hysterical negotiations. If he doesn't give the ransom then he can't leave the wedding with his bride! All day we kept hearing about a 'master plan' with which they would steal the shoes but as the night was winding down we were all convinced that there was not actually any plan and the bride's side had given up trying. 

As the photographer was wrapping up family pictures she instructed all the boy cousins from Lubna's side to take a picture with them standing behind the couple and the girl cousins standing in front. Suddenly you saw Fahad's legs up in the air! The boys had tipped his chair back so he fell back and his legs shot straight up, making for what should have been an easy grab of the shoes for the girls. But Fahad fought long and hard to keep the one shoe they didn't immediately get but to no avail. They got the shoes, and the photographer, who was in on the set up, got all the best shots! 

The night ended with everyone sending off the bride and groom. Biharis have another tradition. The car with the bride and groom pulls away and you bid them farewell, then the driver reverses and they are back again! They do this three times and on the third time the groom runs away with the bride! 

Congratulations you crazy kids! We can't wait for part II back in MI and hope you are having an amazing honeymoon in Belize. Love you tons!!!!!!!


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  1. haha when will you post the shoe stealing pics? sounds funny!


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