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Indian Bridesmaids Movie?

With my brother's wedding coming up in the summer, I am getting desi-shopping fever! I have been scouring the internet for outfit ideas and have noticed more and more desi weddings are featuring bridesmaids. I love the idea of mixing western and eastern traditions this way.  And seeing all these bridesmaids made me start to think of how awesome an Indian Bridesmaids movie would be. I can see it now...

via My Dulhan Diaries

It would all start when Anjali loses her samosa and mithai shop, Meetha-Teetha Maza. The brand is well known all over India but when her shops starts to falter in profits, the big mithai giant, Jalabi King, acquires it before she knows whats happening. That same evening, Neil, her childhood friend turned love of her life, calls from New York to tell her that he has fallen in love with Stacey, his med school classmate. She is devastated but knows her best friend Diya will make everything better once she returns from her trip in Goa.

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Meanwhile, while holidaying in Goa, Diya's boyfriend of six months proposes to her. They are getting married in three months! She can't wait to tell Anjali all about it and to spend every second of the next three months planning her dream wedding to Arju, who is a savvy businessman with slicked back hair and who gives extravagant presents at each turn. 

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When Anjali hears Diya's news, she really wants to be happy for her and promises herself that she will try to support her friend in every way possible. She offers to throw her the best Dholki that India has ever seen. Diya is so excited but asks for just one small favor, that Anjali include Arju's sister-in-law Lacy from New York to help plan the Dholki.

Seeing Lacy's blonde hair and hearing her American accent, Anjali nearly dies. How could Neil be attracted to someone like this? She could not look at Lacy or her tight clothes without feeling a rage towards Neil and his new love. But she has already started planning the best Dholki India had ever seen, so she knows she must perservere on. Upon meeting Anjali, the first thing Lacy asks is where she can get her eyebrows threaded because she finds that "Soo exotic!" and keeps exclaiming "I love saris!" and says everything else in this video.  Then she does an awkward white-girl talking to brown-girl laugh. Everyone finds it so charming. Anjali wants to push her off a jhoola into the ocean.

via Maharani

After a few antics involving a whole eyebrow being threaded off and some jokes about karma sutra, it is time for the Dholki. It starts off well enough with all the big stars of Bollywood showing up and doing a song and dance number each. People all over the party are saying, "This is the best Dholki India has ever seen!" Everyone loves Lacy. The Uncles all stare at here. The Aunties all say: "She is so fair!" "She is so tall and thin!" "Anjali, when are you getting married? You should know better than anyone that men like a taaza Samosa." Then they do a malicious Aunties talking to brown-girl laugh.

Just when Anjali thinks it can't get any worse, Lacy's twin sister shows up and she is no other than Stacy! Anjali gets in a huge fight with Neil horrifying all the guests and if that wasn't enough to ruin the Dholki, Lacy had been convinced that all the guests would be charmed by an "authentic" Indian experience and had ordered all the food from street vendors.  Everyone get "travelers sickness" and the wedding is just one week away. Diya can't believe that Anjali would let her own sad state of affairs ruin her wedding. She throws her tika off and tells Anjali that she can forget showing up for the wedding as she runs out of the Dholki crying. Everything is ruined. 

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Luckily Diya was dieting and didn't eat anything at the Dholki and can get back to work on planning the final details of the wedding (with a sad musical montage in the background). But things are not going smoothly at all. The tika that Diya had thrown off in anger had been in her family for centuries. When Diya realizes what she has done, she rushes to the site of the Dholki to try to find it but after days of searching, she realizes there is no hope. The elders of the family will never allow the wedding to go on without the tika. Diya starts packing to run away to America. 

If Anjali could only get the tika back, she could save the wedding and her friendship. But folklore said that once the tika was lost, it could only be found by six women and one man. Luckily, Anjali has been spending the last few weeks getting close to the five other bridesmaids. Well, except Lacy but they would have to reconcile to save the wedding. Now they just needed one man. As they pondered they saw a bus pass by with an ad for Sandeep, Master Detective.

via Maharani

Working together the seven were able to find the tika in no time (2.3 hours into the movie). Which Stacey had stolen! Neil saw how wrong he had been but it was too late. Anjali realized that she didn't need a childhood love but a man like Sandeep to be her partner. And that is when she learned that he was Sandeep, the Jalabi Prince! Heir to the Jalabi King empire! The Master Detective ad was just a joke his rich friends had played because they had nothing better to do with their time. He promised her that he would put the sweet shop back in her name as soon as the wedding was over. Diya was so happy that she declared a double wedding right then and there. And that is how two best friends found a new love, rekindled an old friendship and truly learned of the power of the tika, all with the help of some quirky bridesmaids.


  1. That was awesome! Any ideas on who you would cast?

    1. I have the faces in my mind but would have to find some new young actors and actresses. Kind of like in rang de basanti. :)


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