Tuesday, March 20, 2012

storms and spring

Just a few moments ago, I was having my cake and tea for breakfast and watching the rain come down but in an instant the rain intensified and a storm rolled through. My whole body felt tense because in a home like ours, you feel like you are caught inside the storm.

When it rains in our apartment, it feels like we have a tin roof and that the skylights must all be made of plastic.  And when it storms like it is doing now, it is so loud in the house that it feels like the roof will fall in. Each lightning bolt floods the apartment with light. And when the thunder strikes, I see the tea cups on the buffet rattle.

I feel like I am in Tissot's "A Passing Storm." (via the Romantics

But within minutes the storm is over. There is only the sound of water trickling out of the gutters. It is a gentle and calming sound. The pink light of daybreak is escaping the blues and grays of the sky. My tea is still warm and it soothes me again.

I love sitting on the couch and watching the weather and sky change. I am reminded of the constant shifting of life and how quickly things can go from one way to another. When things are good or bad, my mom always reminds me that neither state lasts forever. It is a truly beautiful thing.

Right after the storm from our family room window. 

A few minutes later. 

Happy first day of spring! May we always embrace the changing seasons.


  1. i'm jealous. i haven't had that experience in a long time.
    i like the quote from your mum, will keep that in mind :-)

    1. I love it! When you are sad, it makes you hopeful and when you are happy, it makes you humble. moms know what they're talking bout!


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