Wednesday, March 7, 2012

nicolas cage

We have been on a real Nicolas Cage kick around here lately. We've seen three movies in the last week or so. If you have been avoiding Nicolas Cage movies because you think they are horrible, stop that nonsense right now. You know how things can go to a place where they are so bad, they become good again? That is most Nicolas Cage movies.

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Granted, there are some legitimately good-good Nicolas Cage movies like KickAss or Leaving Las Vegas but you watch a lot of his movies just to watch him act like an ass and to see everything in the movie go up in flames. These are both great reasons to watch a movie.

via Nouveau Shamanic
The other night I was talking to Feraz.

S: Do you know that Nicolas Cage is Sofia Coppola's cousin?
F: Yes.
S. Do you know he has been in over 60 movies?
F: Yes.
S: Do you know he invented his own acting style called Nouveau Shamanic?
F: Yes.
F: Sumeera.
S: Yeah?
F: I read the Wikipedia page too.

via Nouveau Shamanic
Do you ever feel like an expert on something after you read the Wikipedia page? I do. All the time.

via Nouveau Shamanic

Here are some clips from two of the movies we have watched recently:




  1. raising arizona = one of my top ten movies ever.

  2. wikipedia or not, nicolas cage does not have an acting style. he is exactly the same person in every movie and is just a notch better than Keanu Reeves because he proves that you can be balding and still get roles. Awful awful actor and if you need evidence, I humbly submit National Treasure.

    1. omg. Now I have to go watch that again! :)


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