Friday, March 2, 2012

thomas sweet

via Honey, Whats Cooking?

Last night on my walk home I decided to stop by Thomas Sweet to pick up a little post dinner dessert. Our neighbors raved about their frozen yogurt so I snagged two containers (Snickers and Mint Chocolate Chip).

As a child, when I used to visit Pakistan my grandpa would give all the kids one Rupee notes to take to the market. Not fully understanding currency discrepancies, I felt so rich. My cousins and I would walk to the row of shops down the road to spend our loot. There was no question that our money was going to sweets- it was just a matter of picking the right ones. When you are little, those lined up jars of candy seem endless. I would be memorized by their colors and all the possibilities that lay within each wrapped treat. The ice cream bar elicits that same feeling as an adult.

via Honey, Whats Cooking?

With my treats in my hand, I walked the last stretch home. Somewhere in the distance I could see the six year old me making the same journey. And I was reminded that she is still inside me, along with the two year old me and the seventeen year old me and the twenty-one year old me and in that moment, that thought filled me with an incredible sense of peace.

And to think that people say sweets aren't good for you.


  1. Love Thomas Sweets and I love nostalgia, great post!

    1. Whenever you guys are here, we'll have to take you!


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