Monday, March 5, 2012

weekend recap

Feraz and I just recently discovered Serendipity and promised we would only go there on special occasions. Since it is just a hop and a  skip from our house, we were afraid we would end up there every other day if we didn't set some rules.  This weekend it was the special occasion of being Saturday, so we went.  (To our credit, we also saw a terrible play and needed some consolation.) 

Cookie dough sundae.
While walking around our neighborhood this weekend, we noticed that spring is on her way! All over town, there were signs popping up. I first noticed when I looked out over our balcony and saw a blossoming tree in the distance. Its hard to tell in the picture but it is full of blossoms and from our window they look stark white.

I can't wait until the trees are all full of leaves too.
Little blossoms were poking out of the grass.
The trees were striking.
Feraz's 'impressed by spring' face.
I think I got a picture of all three trees in Georgetown
that had blossomed.
And people are out with their Deloreans.
Is there any more clear sigh that spring is coming?

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