Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The Rolling Stone review may have said it best:

"Well, that was excellent."

I can still feel the energy from the show and if I was in New York tonight, I would definitely be at the second show. Jarvis Cocker was born to entertain. His energy was so strong that even the impressive Radio City Hall could not contain it. He slithered up the side railings as he seductively danced to This Is Hardcore. I heard at least one man shout, "I would go gay for you Jarvis!" I can't be sure it wasn't Feraz.

Jarvis bantered with the audience all night. He quoted the Great Gatsby and strangely the audience went nuts. He threw snack size candy bars into the crowd and the audience went nuts. He had an "eye spy" camera which he turned on the audience and their images blew up on the screens behind him. Of course, the audience went nuts. 

We haven't been able to stop talking about Pulp since we left the show. We've been watching videos on the TV, retelling our favorite parts again and again and thinking of how we can try to see them again. Thank you for an amazing night Pulp!

Here is a video from last night. Two of those bopping heads are ours:

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