Monday, April 2, 2012

Roosevelt Island

This weekend we took a walk over to Theodore Roosevelt Island. It was so beautiful to look back on Georgetown from the Island.

via Wikitravel

The impressive 16 foot statue of Teddy. (via Wikipedia)

I feel so blessed to live somewhere where I can just walk out of my house and have treasures like this minutes away!


  1. Replies
    1. same here! we should all go next weekend? great for the kids to run around.

  2. good idea! we could do sunday (saturday is booked - soccer game in the morning, birthday party in the afternoon) but my parents are visiting that weekend and i'll have to check to make sure they haven't already booked us or the car for something else. :) alternatively, if weather/transportation doesn't work out, come on over to our digs next sunday (the 15th)!

  3. looks like i forgot we have TWO birthday parties this weekend! the one on sunday is in the afternoon but if you want to meet up with us for brunch, let me know! you could come over to our place, say hi to my parents and kids, and then we could walk over to rosemary's thyme for some pide. thoughts? email me at bajidc at good ol gmails.


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