Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Engagement Rings

I remember that when Feraz and I decided to get engaged, I asked for an engagement ring. I had never really cared about rings and had always thought its as wrong to spend a ton of money on a piece of jewelry but once we had decided to get married, I suddenly really wanted one. I blame it on reading some article about engagement rings where a woman said that one day when you are on your hands and knees scrubbing the toilet, you are going to want to see a big rock on that finger. ??? That story must have left an impression because I told Feraz that I was still on the market until I had a ring. (For the record, I have never found myself in the position of scrubbing a toilet whilst being reassured by the ring I had on my finger.)

Feraz wasn't working at the time and couldn't really afford much but we went to a jewelry store and picked out something that was around a thousand or two thousand. It doesn't seem like much now but at the time, it was a huge undertaking and Feraz started substitute teaching so he could pay for it. I remember at the time that gesture made me feel that Feraz would always take care of me, and he has not let me down.

After I got the ring, I needed to have it resized and took it back to the jewelry store we had gotten it from. While I was waiting to be helped, a man walked in the store and pulled out a gun. Since I have seen a lot of movies, I immediately dropped to the floor and laid flat down. I looked around and noticed nobody else was getting down. Too embarrassed and scared to get back up, I stayed down as everyone else in the store remained inexplicably calm. A security guard came from the back and started pushing the guy out until he was in the secured vestibule. And that was the end of that.

Although I don't wear my ring much, when I think about the stories that surround it and the fact that a boy gave me that ring when I was 19 and he still sleeps next to me, I feel incredibly happy.

This post was brought on by this sweet series of pictures I saw earlier today. Isn't that a beautiful ring? Wouldn't it be fun to design a ring for the person you love?


  1. That was a really interesting story. What's up with that guy wih the gun?

  2. Maybe he was just a crazy person that they had encountered before? Or someone with a fake gun? Not sure!

  3. Such ring looks so beautiful and attractive when a beautiful girl wear it. Loose Diamonds UK


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