Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

Read the full story and check out more pictures at the source.

Today, there was a great article in the Huffington Post about 9 women who kept a secret for over thirty years. With all the stories about scandals and deceit, this secret is probably not what you expect.

These women, who like to be called the Nine Nanas had a wish to help people and for over three decades, they secretly did good deeds for strangers. They made small changes in their lives that freed up money they were already spending and used that money towards their vision of doing good.

They were inspired to do this because five of them were taken in and raised by "MaMaw and PaPaw." The generosity and love they learned from them has fueled an anonymous campaign of kindness which has led to them contributing over "$900,000 of happiness." Eventually one of their husbands wised up to them and soon all the husbands knew of their secret mission. Now, they have their own website Happiness-Happens which is inspiring and beautiful. This all started over a card game. A small idea implemented with modest means which has given people, one cake or gesture at a time for decades.

From Needs for Sale, this painting "Education for Girls" went for $500.

Our acts of kindness, whether we offer a smile to someone, pay for a meal, take time to listen, give a loan or share a meal, are transformative. When we help one person, we are helping all of humanity.
Let us live the types of lives that inspire like the Nine Nanas, these pictures or needs for sale. There is nothing stopping us. We have an infinite capacity to love and care for each other. Lets start right now.

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