Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Please be prepared for the most disjointed entry to ever be on this blog. I blame it on sleep deprivation.

Usually I have a million things I want to write about but the last two days have just been a blur of decorations, driving, coffee, eating, driving, listening to wedding music, eating, driving, etc. etc.

I have finished getting the house ready for the most part, have checked off most my to do lists and only have three or four things to do tomorrow but one of those things is to make the slideshow! Yikes!

I have been driving 2-3 hours every day since I've been here. It blows my mind that just a few weeks ago, I didn't know if I would be able to drive again at all! I still think I would get really scared if it started to rain but even driving in the dark has been ok. If this keeps up, I may be driving in DC one day!

My teeth have been really bugging me. For the first few days I would be able to dull the pain with a constant supply of Motrin but that's not working anymore.

Tonight Feraz and I went to IAGD for Isha prayer. It was so nice to see the steps that I used to sit on during Sunday School break, the front lawn where my little friends and I used to talk about our futures and to be reminded of all the great memories I have of the people there. Praise God!

For your viewing pleasure, here is a song I was going to use in the slideshow for the baby pictures part but then I decided not to because I guess it sucks? It made me cry though.

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