Saturday, August 11, 2012

day 3 - london

Today was full of adventures!

We set off this morning towards Greenwich but on the way we realized that we wouldn't get as much time as we wanted there so we changed our plans. We decided to check out Blur 21 which was a great photo exhibit of Blur since the launch of their first album. It was great because there weren't too many photos so you could really appreciate each shot they chose to display. Both of us have read Alex James' Bit of a Blur and Feraz is a huge Blur fan in general so it was quite fun that we got to fit that in. It also got me more pumped for the concert tomorrow.

Since we were in the area, we decided to walk around Brick Lane and ended up getting lunch there and trying a Bengali restaurant. Feraz had been mentioning a 3 o'clock surprise and it turns out that for an early anniversary present he got us tickets to see Chariots of Fire. The Gielgud Theatre is such a great venue and they had set up the stage so there was a track that ran through the audience. My favorite line comes at the end when Abrahams says about his rival the devout Liddell, "I am faster, but he is better."

After the theatre we were able to sneak in a quick coffee with our friend Rebecca from law school. I love seeing familiar faces in unfamiliar places. Becks and I have now hung out in Kenya and England. As she put it, we are becoming quite international friends!

Finally, we headed over to our cousins Sadia and Vicky's place. We got to meet their new baby Eesa and hang out with Inaya who is the most clever four year old. She has such a charming personality and I was sad that she had an 8 pm bedtime. In proper British fashion, we had a fish and chips iftaari. Can't wait to see the family agin when we will all reunite in Birmingham for Eid!

Here is the full photo dump for the day. Enjoy!!


  1. Here's the correct link to the Blur exhibition:,76e34bee,76e3638e


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