Friday, August 22, 2014

Anniversary Weekend - 11 Years!

This past weekend Feraz and I celebrated 11 years of marriage! We usually plan a big trip but since we didn't know how the pregnancy would be, we didn't want to commit to a big trip. Luckily, the pregnancy has been easy peasy so we decided we would have a nice local anniversary weekend.

First off- presents! A few weeks ago when we were going to bed, Feraz groaned and complained life is so hard. I laughed because, in my opinion, our life is so easy. Seeing that he was serious, I asked him what made life so hard. He said, "There are so many dishes to do and the lamp is so far away from the bed." Every night when we are done chatting, Feraz has to lean all the way across our king sized bed to turn off the lamp. I thought these were fair points and decided to do something about them. The next morning, I woke up early and did all the dishes we had from some party or the other.

The second part of the solution was his spoof anniversary present. Initially I was going to get him a clap on clap off switch but I thought it would be jarring to hear loud clapping right before going to bed. Instead, I got him a super switch wireless remote. Let me tell you. This thing is AMAZING. We just keep it right by us and turn on and off the light as we please. 

Even though we hadn't planned on doing a big trip, I knew Feraz was itching to go somewhere so for his anniversary present I planned a trip for us to Niagara Falls and Toronto in a few weeks. We went to the falls for my birthday last year and Feraz has been talking about wanting to go back ever since. Feraz was SO pumped when I gave him his little story card. I love that we still celebrate birthday, anniversaries and other occasions with so much love. It keeps the magic of love alive.

On our actual anniversary day, we started with some drinks from our new Nespresso makes and some almond pistachio croissants from the farmers market by my work.

It was such a beautiful morning. I loved sitting in our family room and seeing the reflection of the disco ball everywhere. Its the little things!

We packed our snacks, sandwiches and good attitudes and headed up to Catoctin Park in northern Maryland. The park was nice but neither of us expected the hike to be so intense. At almost seven months pregnant, people on the trail kept stopping us to tell us we were doing a great job. A group of older women were also hiking and each time we saw them on the trail, they would say: "If you can do it, so can we!!" Funnily enough, I was thinking the exact same thing! 

When we got to the summit, it was a bit disappointing. We sat down, ate our snacks and had a good laugh about how lame the view was, especially considering all the effort. But still, this hike was the highlight of our anniversary weekend. Five or ten years ago, we (read I) would have probably been in a really bad mood because the hike wasn't spectacular and we had to sit through a long drive to get there. Life has taught us to go with the flow and to enjoy whatever the situation is. We both had a great day, despite the setbacks and despite the hike being twice as long and twice as hard as we were prepared for. What I remember most of this day is the smiles and the laughter. Feraz pushing me up a steep incline as we both cracked up at the sight of us.

On the way home from the hike we stopped by a low key restaurant called Woodlands for some South Indian food. It was pretty good and quite honestly, anything would have tasted amazing after our excursion! The restaurant was in a strip mall which had a south american bakery which we visited after our linner. I definitely recommend going to both if you are ever in the area. 

To finish up our weekend we went to our guilty pleasure, Max Brenner. We are obsessed with this place but only go if there is a special occasion to keep ourselves from becoming giant sugar balls. So- 11 years have come and gone and they have been beautiful. I can't believe that the next time we will be celebrating our anniversary, it will be with our sweet little daughter! 

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