Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Eating healthy...

I feel like this looks like one of Martha Stewart's disgusting food tweets but I swear it was good!
Today, I came home from work and was exhausted. During a lapse of judgment, as I was exiting the metro, I texted Feraz that I was going to have something delicious ready when he got home. After walking home in the freezing cold, I just wanted to crawl under a big pile of blankets. Normally I would just have ordered a pizza and we both would have been happy but I really want us to be putting good food into our bodies. With this thought pushing me, I told myself that I would just quickly prep a couple of fish and call it a day.

Once I got started in the kitchen, I figured that since I was already cooking, I may as well make a couple of things. Once the cutting board and veggies are out, adding more dishes is a no brainer. I ended up with daal, veggie palou, tilapia stir fry and baked sweet potato fries. All in less than an hour!

Feraz gave it a 10/10 and if you are familiar with his rating system, that is a hard earned mark!

The moral of the story? A small choice stands between eating healthier or succumbing to the same old bad habits. Sometimes just getting yourself pointed in the right direction is the hardest part. 

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