Monday, January 6, 2014

Road Tripping - 24 Hour NYE Edition

Getting his Rocky on.
Last week, in a haze of boredom and stir craziness, we decided very last minute to go to Philly to ring in the new year. It ended up being a great trip and just the type of adventurous spirit that I wanted to start 2014 on! Here's to another great year with my favorite saathi.

The view from our room.
Can't do NYE pre party without dessert. 
He is a gentleman and a scholar.
Feraz got pulled on stage in a contest where the comedians had to grab someone in the audience that most looked like them. She quickly found a scarf and hat and voila- twins! They won, of course.
Starting off the year with a little Rodin.
Mummers Parade
Gorilla eating City Hall. NBD.
Happy 2014!!!
A most special thanks to our awesome hosts Sara and Bugra!!

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